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About The Teacher

Hello and welcome to our site! My name is John Zimmerman, creator of the TabletClass Math program. As a certified math teacher with a BA in Math and Master’s in Educational Technology, I can help you reach your math goals.

I’ve successfully taught middle and high school math for many years. Additionally, I’ve taught math for a prestigious online technical school and been involved in independent math learning systems for over 20 years – teaching math to students all over the world.

Helping students succeed is my passion and that’s why I love teaching math and do it daily on YouTube!

Click here to see what some of my students have to say.

What's In A Course

Comprehensive Lesson

Fully Explained Lesson Per Topic

The Lesson Video presents the key enabling concepts for the given topic. The video includes illustrations to help students visualize the concepts as well as the discussion of typical errors made by students. Lessons are in-depth offering objectives, and include a variety of problems with demonstration on how to solve.

These are not short, incomplete lessons that sometimes leave students frustrated and confused. We cover everything a student needs to learn on that specific topic.


Step-by-Step Solutions

Fully Explained Example Problems & Solutions 

In addition to the lesson video, every topic includes example videos covering a wide range of problems on that topic. 

Problems are reviewed from basic to advanced and include word problems. They offer full explanations on how to solve, with each step demonstrated in the video. These videos help strengthen students’ proficiency on the topic.


Bonus Resources

Worksheets, Notes & Quizzes included in every course.

Worksheets provide an opportunity for students to practice applying what they’ve learned, notes help to summarize key information and make a great reference for study, and quizzes will assess understanding and identify areas that may need further review.

    All documents can be:

    • Viewed in browser
    • Printed
    • Saved

    (Requires Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader)


    What Our Students Say

    Your courses are wonderful...

    “Thank you so much for taking the time to help people! Your courses are wonderful! I have tried many others. This is by far the best I have found!” -Teri

    I am learning a lot of the fundamentals that the college instructor doesn’t teach...

    Not even one week into the program and I love it. Even though I’ve always struggled with math you make it seem really easy in the videos. I just wish I had discovered this program even 1 month before I started taking college algebra. It’s really convenient that you have all the subject matters in almost exact order of how they are being taught in my college level course as well. I am learning a lot of the fundamentals that the college instructor doesn’t teach because it’s stuff you’re already supposed to know when you get there. I’m spending hours on your site and am learning a lot! Would totally recommend this program to anyone who needs a little help with math. Love that this material will be available to me for a year. After this fast-paced course that I am taking, I plan on going back and starting at the beginning and trying to learn everything properly the way I should have learned it if I’d gone to high school” -Jazmin J.

    I don’t think I would have passed the test without your assistance...

    “I wanted to thank you, I don’t think I would have passed the test without your assistance!! Thank you so much for having this great lessons available online. They are such a great resource!! 🙂” – Janet

    With your GED program I finally passed my test...

    “Hi! Mr. Zimmerman I just wanna say first and foremost thank you for putting together such a great tutorial program that helps to assist people like myself, I took my GED math test last night and guess what with your GED program I finally passed my test I received a phone call from the school telling me how I passed amen, thank God for your program thank you so much.” -Kerling

    I have enjoyed learning using TabletClass Math...

    “Dear Mr. Zimmerman, I am a high school sophomore taking Algebra II from your TabletClass program. Until this year I attended a traditional private school, and have experienced learning under many math teachers. I have enjoyed learning using TabletClass Math this year. The explanations are very methodical and easy to understand. Thanks!” -Rebecca B.

    I must say that your coaching and online tutorials are the BEST...

    “Hi Mr. Zimmerman: Sir, I have a surprise for you, I just passed my MATH, GED, and rest of the subjects too. The last subject I took was the Math and yes, your website and your chapter by chapter, step by step instructions guided me to the glory of math success. I must say that your coaching and online tutorials are the BEST a student could ever find and many thanks to the greatest math wiz and the powerful mind and the kind heart whose act is so selfless that it helps thousands of students like us. You are my math HERO and will always be and I will highly recommend to website to many other students out there struggling to find directions and the only direction is Mr. Zimmerman’s golden math tutorials. Yay!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart again. :)” -Your Student and Fan, Waseem

    Being able to learn at my own pace from a veteran instructor instead of a book, was the key to conquering the subject...

    “All my life I have wanted to learn algebra but found it too difficult. Finally, at age seventy-six, I decided to give it another try, so I signed up for John Zimmerman’s course. I found that being able to learn at my own pace from a veteran instructor instead of a book, was the key to conquering the subject, and after several months of concentrated effort, I completed the course. Now I have a wonderful sense of accomplishment from overcoming a major barrier in my life. Thanks, John.” -Wallace H.

    Instructor really explained things in a way he could understand...

    “TabletClass has changed my son’s view of Math! We homeschool and use a DVD based curriculum. While we love it, the math is very visual. My son passed Algebra with an A, but couldn’t work problems in real world situations. It never sunk in. Then, I found TabletClass! He completed the Algebra course as a “refresher” over the summer and into the next school year. He was so excited…about Math! He would tell me the instructor really explained things in a way he could understand. It seems he needs both the audio and visual for learning math (and presented in a way I couldn’t teach him). He is currently completing Geometry, and doing well. He even helped his brother with Algebra 2. No more frustration! Thank you, TabletClass!! I definitely recommend Tabletclass to others who struggle. It has made the difference in our home.” -Denise C.

    My daughter successfully passed the placement test...

    “My daughter successfully passed the placement test at our community college into College Algebra! I give you the credit! Thank you!” -Susan

    This curriculum has been a blessing and an answer to prayer...

    “TabletClass has been a lifesaver for us this year! My girls, freshmen this year, struggled with Pre-Algebra using another curriculum last year. Under the guidance of John Zimmerman, because he called me and talked to me when I ordered, and always calls personally when you email a question, we started over with Pre-Algebra again. It wasn’t long before we were caught up enough again to start with Algebra, and it is going great! My girls are on schedule to finish Algebra as if they were never behind. The curriculum is easy to follow and they are getting great, easy to follow, instruction. I am confident that Algebra II and Geometry will be attainable with homeschooling because of TabletClass. This curriculum has been a blessing and an answer to prayer. Thanks so much!” – Sandy

    Everything you taught in the courses was on the test And I FINALLY passed...

    “I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much! I just received results back saying I passed the math portion on my TASC test. It’s really all thanks to you. I have been trying to pass the math since 2016. I tried everything to pass the math. I passed all other subjects on my first try and just couldn’t pass math. One day I stumbled across your website, signed up and studied. Everything you taught in the courses was on the test And I FINALLY passed. Now I can continue on and finally enter college! Thank you so much!” 

    Thank you for a great way for kids to learn and actually enjoy Math...

    “My 10th grade daughter has been in your Geometry course this year! It is our first year using your website. I found your website through a search engine. My daughter struggled last year in Algebra 1 in another curriculum and that’s when we knew we wanted to try a different approach since she is a visual learner. I researched it and loved how you gave detailed information for the students to learn the material. My daughter said she loves the explanations of the information along with the worksheets. She loves the reviews and how you explain how the material builds while reviewing a concept needed for that lesson. Her grades in Math have only been successful this year with A’s. Thank you for a great way for kids to learn and actually enjoy Math!” -Jessica D.

    The way you teach Math is Amazing...

    “I just wanted to take time to tell You how Thankful I am for your videos!!! Without them I don’t think I would have passed. Thank you again! The way you teach Math is Amazing 🙂” –Donna

    TabletClass math is hands down, no comparison, the best we have used...

    “As a homeschooling Mom of seven children, spanning 25 years, we have used multiple math curricula. TabletClass math is hands down, no comparison, the best we have used! I honestly am so thankful for it every day, What a relief to find a program that is thorough, no gaps, detailed steps for all kinds of learners, and it is enjoyable to learn with Mr. Zimmerman! I know because for the first time in my life, I have enjoyed math as I have worked alongside our boys. And, they are able to watch the videos as many times as they want and when they complete a course, Mr. Zimmerman has a final exam complete with study tips, etc so that we know they are proficient. Thank you, thank you, thank you for TabletClass math!” -Lisa S.

    Mr. Zimmerman uses an engaging style of teaching, making math less intimidating...

    “Our family has been using TabletClass for three years and plan on finishing up our homeschool math using this program. Our son completed Pre-Algebra through Algebra 2. Now our daughters are starting it. The concepts are taught in easy to understand bits. TabletClass is suited to students with a wide range of math abilities. The format is simple, clear and understandable. TabletClass tutorials make using the program comprehensible for even the most non computer savvy student or mom. Mr. Zimmerman uses an engaging style of teaching, making math less intimidating to non-math students, while gifted students are not bored. The students can set their own pace. The classes are available on a wide range of platforms. The program is very economical for any size family.” -Sarah

    My “math-phobic” daughter placed into college level pre-calculus...

    “TabletClass Math was perfect for my daughter! We tried every math curriculum out there and even hired a private math teacher. But the frustration and tears continued. We signed on for TabletClass Math and re-did Algebra I (for the third time!) and then proceeded on to Geometry and Algebra II. No more frustration. She really enjoyed it! It is presented well and the amount of work to master the material is not so overwhelming that it’s discouraging and overkill. I’m happy to say my “math-phobic” daughter placed into college level pre-calculus this year and is now at the community college in the dual enrollment program. Both she and I are very thankful for TabletClass Math! Oh, and John is terrific to work with! He’s very accommodating to your needs and questions!” -Susan M.

    I’m actually absorbing the information...

    “I just wanted to say Thank You for this online class. I love it, the way and pace that you verbally explain, along with the follow up example exercises I’m actually absorbing the information.” -Emma

    I will be using this with all my children in the future.

    “TabletClass has really been a great addition to our home school. As a Mom that is “math challenged” this program really takes the pressure off of me to be able to teach my daughter algebra. This program lends itself to independent study which is important as I have 7 children needing my attention during the day. My daughter has been able to go back and review the videos as many times as she needs to get the concept down and this has been another great aspect of TabletClass. John has been so very helpful and just an email away to answer any questions I have. I will be using this with all my children in the future.” -Alisa S. (mom to 7 blessings in PA)

    Whether you’re looking to improve your math skills or prepare for an upcoming exam, TabletClass Math can help you reach your goal.

    Don’t delay. Sign up for the online course you need today and start your journey towards math success!

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