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We hear from many of our students who had a hard time with math before they found us. We made a big difference in their ability to finally pass their test…their success is our success and why we do what we do. We want to hear about your success when you ACE YOUR ALEKS MATH PLACEMENT TEST!

“I wish I had access to this program going through school when I first learned the numerous areas of math as it would have helped me in so many ways. Instead, I used TabletClass to help me study for my SAT’s. I identified the weak areas which I needed help with and was able to study these specific topics because TabletClass breaks down the different subject areas into categories. My scores raised 70 points in the mathematics area of the SAT’s thanks to this program. TabletClass is a great and convenient way to learn math.”

-David C., NJ

Not even one week into the program and I love it. Even though I’ve always struggled with math you make it seem really easy in the videos. I just wish I had discovered this program even 1 month before I started taking college algebra. It’s really convenient that you have all the subject matters in almost exact order of how they are being taught in my college level course as well. I am learning a lot of the fundamentals that the college instructor doesn’t teach because it’s stuff you’re already supposed to know when you get there. I’m spending hours on your site and am learning a lot! Would totally recommend this program to anyone who needs a little help with math.

-Jazmin J.

“I just wanted to say how much I love TabletClass! I just started using it this year and it has been beyond helpful! I went through Algebra 1 & 2 and struggled because of poor explanations of methods and answers. I am now using TabletClass for geometry and everything is explained so well! I hardly ever have trouble with the example sets, but if I do I can just go to the video on the problem and see the answer explained very simply. Thank you so much for creating TabletClass! I have been recommending it to all of my homeschool friends for high school math and will continue to do so. :)”


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What You’ll Learn In the ALEKS MATH PLACEMENT Test Prep Course

In our ALEKS Math Placement Test Prep Course, students will gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the ALEKS Math Placement Exam. With a comprehensive curriculum, we cover a broad spectrum of mathematics topics, ensuring that students have a solid foundation to tackle the exam confidently. Whether you’re a dedicated student striving for excellence or someone seeking to bridge gaps in your math foundation, our course is your key to success.


ALEKS MATH PLACEMENT Prep Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Basic Algebra (Review)

1.1 Adding Real Numbers

1.2 Subtracting Real Numbers

1.3 Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers

1.4 Distributive Property

1.5 Simplifying by Combining Like Terms

PREVIEW: 1.6 One Step Equations

PREVIEW: 1.7 Solving Two Step Equations

PREVIEW: 1.8 Solving Multi-Step Equations

1.9 Formulas and Literal Equations

1.10 Linear Inequalities

1.11 Compound Inequalities

1.12 Introduction to Absolute Value

1.13 Solving Absolute Value Equations

1.14 Absolute Value Inequalities

1.15 Graphing Absolute Value Equations

Extra Practice – 4 Worksheet Files

Chapter Review Notes – 4 Note Files

Chapter Quiz 1-1

Chapter Quiz 1-2

Chapter Quiz 1-3

Chapter Quiz 1-4

Quiz Key 1-1

Quiz Key 1-2

Quiz Key 1-3

Quiz Key 1-4

Chapter 2: Graphing and Writing Linear Equations

2.1 Graphing Lines with One Variable

2.2 Graphing Lines with Two Variables

2.3 The Slope of a Line

2.4 Slope Intercept Method

2.5 XY Intercept Method

2.6 Writing the Equations of Lines -Using Slope-Intercept Form

2.7 Writing the Equations of Lines -Using Point-Slope intercept

2.8 Writing the Equations of Lines -Given the Slope and a Point

2.9 Writing the Equations of Lines -Given Two Points

2.10 Standard Form of Linear Equations

2.11 Best Fitting Lines and Scatter Plots

2.12 Linear Models/Word Problems

2.13 Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables

Extra Practice – 2 Worksheet Files

Chapter Review Notes – 2 Note Files

Chapter Quiz 2-1

Chapter Quiz 2-2

Quiz Key 2-1

Quiz Key 2-2

Chapter 3: Systems

3.1 Solving Systems by Graphing

3.2 Solving Systems Substitution Method

3.3 Solving Systems by Elimination/Linear Combination

3.4 Solving Linear System Word Problems

3.5 Special Linear Systems

3.6 Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities

PREVIEW: 3.7 Linear Programming

Extra Practice

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 3 Quiz

Quiz Key 3

Chapter 4: Matrices and Determinants

4.1 Introduction to Matrices

PREVIEW: 4.2 Matrix Operations

4.3 Matrix Multiplication

4.4 Determinants

4.5 Identity and Inverse Matrices

4.6 Solving Systems using Inverse Matrices

4.7 Solving Systems using Cramer’s Rule

Extra Practice

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 4 Quiz

Quiz Key 4

Chapter 5: Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers

5.1 Introduction to Quadratic Equations

5.2 Solving Quadratic Equations by Square Roots

5.3 Graphing Quadratic Equations

5.4 The Quadratic Formula

5.5 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring

5.6 The Discriminant – Types of Roots

5.7 Completing the Square

5.8 Quadratic Equation Word Problems

5.9 Graphing Quadratic Inequalities

5.10 Complex and Imaginary Numbers

Extra Practice

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 5 Quiz

Quiz Key 5

Chapter 6: Functions and Relations

6.1 Introduction to Functions and Relations

6.2 Function Operations

6.3 Inverse Functions

6.4 Graphing Functions

6.5 Linear and Nonlinear Functions

6.6 Special Functions

6.7 Composite Functions

6.8 Interval and Set Builder Notation

6.9 Function Symmetry

6.10 Transformations of Functions

6.11 Function and Relation Analysis (Finding Domain/Range)

Extra Practice

Chapter Review Notes- 2 Note Files

Chapter 6 Quiz

Quiz Key 6

Chapter 7: Powers and Radicals

7.1 Product and Power Rules of Exponents

7.2 Negative and Zero Exponents Rules

7.3 Division Rules of Exponents

7.4 Scientific Notation

7.5 Compound Interest

7.6 Simplifying Radicals

7.7 Operations with Radicals

7.8 Solving Radical Equations

7.9 Operations and Equations with Rational Exponents

7.10 The Distance and Mid-Point Formula

7.11 The Pythagorean Theorem

Extra Practice – 2 Worksheet Files

Chapter Review Notes – 2 Note Files

Chapter Quiz 7-1

Chapter Quiz 7-2

Quiz Key 7-1

Quiz Key 7-2

Chapter 8: Logarithmic and Exponential Functions

8.1 Exponential Growth and Decay Functions

PREVIEW: 8.2 Introduction to Logarithms

8.3 Properties of Logarithms

8.4 The Natural Base e

8.5 Natural Logarithms

8.6 Solving Logarithmic Equations

8.7 Solving Exponential Equations

Extra Practice

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 8 Quiz

Quiz Key 8

Chapter 9: Polynomial Functions

9.1 Introduction to Polynomials

9.2 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

9.3 Multiplying Polynomials

9.4 Multiplying Polynomials Special Cases

9.5 Sum and Difference of Two Cubes

9.6 Factoring Greatest Common Factor

9.7 Factoring Quadratic Trinomials

9.8 Special Factoring Rules

9.9 Graphing Polynomials

9.10 Solving Polynomial Equations by Factoring

9.11 Polynomial Division (Long and Synthetic Division)

9.12 Remainder and Factor Theorem

9.13 Rational Root Theorem (Rational-Zero Test)

9.14 Solving n-degree Polynomials (Fundamental Theorem of Algebra)

9.15 Descartes’ Rule of Signs and Bounds

Extra Practice – 2 Worksheet Files

Chapter Review Notes – 2 Note Files

Chapter Quiz 9-1

Chapter Quiz 9-2

Quiz Key 9-1

Quiz Key 9-2

Chapter 10: Rational Expressions/Equations

10.1 Ratios and Proportions

10.2 Percent

10.3 Direct and Inverse Variation

10.4 Simplifying Rational Expressions

10.5 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

10.6 Finding the LCD of Rational Expressions

10.7 Solving Rational Equations

10.8 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

10.9 Graphing Rational Functions (Vertical and Horizontal Asymptotes)

Extra Practice

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 10 Quiz

Quiz Key 10

Chapter 11: Data, Measurement and Probability

11.1 Units of Measure and Conversion

PREVIEW: 11.2 Measures of Central Tendency- Mean, Median and Mode

11.3 Exploring Data- Charts, Tables, Graphs and Plots

11.4 Introduction To Probability

11.5 Counting Theory

11.6 Probability of Independent, Dependent and Mutually Exclusive Events

11.7 Permutations and Combinations

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 11 Quiz

Quiz Key 11

Chapter 12: Sequence and Series

12.1 Introduction to Sequence and Series

12.2 Arithmetic Sequence and Series

12.3 Geometric Sequence and Series

12.4 Infinite Geometric Series

12.5 The Binomial Theorem

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 12 Quiz

Quiz Key 12

Chapter 13: Foundations for Geometry

13.1 Points, Lines and Planes

13.2 Line Segments and Rays

PREVIEW: 13.3 Angles

13.4 Theorems and Postulates

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 13 Quiz

Quiz Key 13

Chapter 14: Reasoning and Proof

14.1 Conditional Statements and Converses

14.2 Algebra Properties

14.3 Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

14.4 More on Angles and Lines

14.5 How to Plan and Write a Proof

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 14 Quiz

Quiz Key 14

Chapter 15: Perpendicular and Parallel Lines, Polygons

15.1 Parallel Lines and Transversals

15.2 Properties of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

15.3 Proving Lines Parallel

15.4 Introduction to Polygons

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 15 Quiz

Quiz Key 15

Chapter 16: Congruent Triangles

16.1 Congruent Figures

16.2 Proving Congruent Triangles: Side-Side-Side and Side-Angle-Side Theorem

16.3 Proving Congruent Triangles: Angle-Side-Angle and Angle-Angle-Side Theorem

PREVIEW: 16.4 Proving Congruent Triangles: Hypotenuse-Leg Theorem

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 16 Quiz

Quiz Key 16

Chapter 17: Properties of Triangles

17.1 Medians, Altitudes and Bisectors

17.2 Bisector Theorems

17.3 Triangle Inequalities

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 17 Quiz

Quiz Key 17

Chapter 18: Quadrilaterals

18.1 Parallelograms

18.2 Proving Quadrilaterals are Parallelograms

18.3 Trapezoids

18.4 Special Quadrilaterals

18.5 Quadrilaterals, Triangles and Midpoints

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 18 Quiz

Quiz Key 18

Chapter 19: Similarity

19.1 Ratios and Proportions

19.2 Similar Polygons

19.3 Similar Triangles

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 19 Quiz

Quiz Key 19

Chapter 20: Transformations

20.1 Reflections

20.2 Rotations and Dilations

20.3 Translations and Glide Reflections

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 20 Quiz

Quiz Key 20

Chapter 21: Right Triangles and Trigonometry

21.1 Similar Right Triangles

21.2 The Pythagorean Theorem

21.3 Special Right Triangles

21.4 Trigonometric Ratios

21.5 Right Triangle Word Problems

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 21 Quiz

Quiz Key 21

Chapter 22: Circles

22.1 Introduction to Circles and Tangents

22.2 Arcs and Chords

PREVIEW: 22.3 Inscribed Angles

22.4 Other Angle Relationships in Circles

22.5 Segment Lengths and Circles

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 22 Quiz

Quiz Key 22

Chapter 23: Area and Volume

23.1 Area of Basic Figures

23.2 Surface Area of Basic Figures

23.3 Volume of Basic Figures

23.4 Area of Regular Polygons

23.5 Area of Circles/Sectors and Arc Length

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 23 Quiz

Quiz Key 23

Chapter 24: Conic Sections

24.1 Circles (Conic Sections)

24.2 Parabolas (Conic Sections)

24.3 Ellipses (Conic Sections)

24.4 Hyperbolas (Conic Sections)

24.5 Translations of Conic Sections

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 24 Quiz

Quiz Key 24

Chapter 25: Trigonometry

25.1 Trigonometric Ratios

25.2 Angles of Rotation and Radian Measure

25.3 Evaluating Trigonometric Functions

25.4 Inverse Trigonometric Functions

25.5 Graphs of Sine and Cosine Functions

25.6 Laws of Sine and Cosine

25.7 Trigonometric Identities

25.8 Solving Trigonometric Equations

Chapter Review Notes

Chapter 25 Quiz

Quiz Key 25

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