Homeschool Parent Portal Resources

What’s the Parent Portal & What You’ll Find Inside

About the Homeschool Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a secure course supplemental program designed to aid the parent that is using TabletClass Math to homeschool their child. If you want to take advantage of testing and grading, as well as get access to best tips to help your child’s learning, then you’ll want to purchase a Parent Portal account.

The Parent Portal account should be set up with a different email than the one used for your child’s course access.

We offer the Parent Portal for a one-time fee of $25 for each separate course. You can use the resources with multiple children.

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The guidance and tools you need for a successful homeschool math experience.

  • Challenging chapter tests with detailed answer keys which makes grading tests much more precise and effective than simple multiple-choice exams.
  • Course Guidebook so you can have a complete written record of course work for your student portfolio.
  • ​Comprehensive Final Exam that checks the students understanding of all of the main topics taught in the course.
  • Pacing Guidelines so you can adjust the pace to your student’s learning ability and design a calendar to finish the course in your desired time frame.
  • ​Specific student study recommendations that will increase your child’s ability to retain information and apply skills to solve problems.
  • ​Easy to follow directions on how to calculate an accurate course grade.
  • Course Completion Certificate that you can sign to confirm that your child has completed the course successfully.
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“As a Homeschooling mom I have the pleasure of choosing curriculum that fits my child’s learning style. When Saxon math wasn’t ‘clicking’ for my daughter I saw TabletClass.com posted on our homeschool loop and gave it a try. It was a perfect fit, my daughter has flourished using TabletClass.com! After one week using TabletClass.com she said ‘oh mom this is great I LOVE it!!’ Her comprehension in Algebra 2 has been excellent. Having access to our on line teacher Mr. Zimmerman is a big plus, you never get ‘stuck’ because he is willing to help guide the student through any ‘hiccups’ in the learning process. Now that she is in High School I am using the college SAT as her testing and I can’t wait to see how much her score goes up in math! We are so glad we added TabletClass.com to our curriculum!”

-V. Sherman, Clearwater FL