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“It is such a great moment when a parent can see a light turn on and it all makes sense again. I am grateful for the gifts this program has given us.”

“TabletClass has been a lifesaver for us this year! My girls, freshmen this year, struggled with Pre-Algebra using another curriculum last year. Under the guidance of John Zimmerman, because he called me and talked to me when I ordered, and always calls personally when you email a question, we started over with Pre-Algebra again. It wasn’t long before we were caught up enough again to start with Algebra, and it is going great! My girls are on schedule to finish Algebra as if they were never behind. The curriculum is easy to follow and they are getting great, easy to follow, instruction. I am confident that Algebra II and Geometry will be attainable with homeschooling because of TabletClass. This curriculum has been a blessing and an answer to prayer. Thanks so much!”


TabletClass Math makes homeschooling Algebra 1 easy. We include everything your child needs to excel in math.

Our complete and in-depth Algebra 1 Homeschool Curriculum provides a strong foundation for learning new and complex concepts that lead to college level math.

Our teacher, John Zimmerman, cares about your child’s success. He guides students every step of the curriculum with clear and understandable instruction that will help build their confidence in math.

We provide example videos below and FREE PREVIEWS within the course…see if your child can learn with John.

TabletClass Math Algebra 1 Homeschool Curriculum Includes:


Amazing Full Lesson Videos Taught by Our Expert Math Teacher


Extensive Practice Problems With Video Solutions


Detailed Study Notes


Comprehensive Chapter Quizzes


Secure Parent Access For Tests, Answer Keys & Grades (Optional)

A Complete & Comprehensive Algebra 1 Homeschool Curriculum








Practice Problems

“My son has been using Pre-algebra this year and we are about to move into Algebra 1 in a few months. He came from Teaching Textbooks and had horrible gaps and he is doing great now! Thank you.”

-Sarah, Homeschooler

“Thank you TabletClass for all your help. My son has always struggled in math. Beginning in second grade, numbers are just another foreign language to him. Unlike so many parents out there who struggle teaching high levels of math due to difficulty, I am the opposite. Math is like an extension to my arm, yet teaching it to a student who is struggling immensely is often nerve wracking to say the least. With the help of TabletClass we finally have that “Ahh ha” clicking moment when it all makes sense. My son is currently in TabletClass’ Pre-Algebra class after already taking Pre-Algebra before. It is such a great moment when a parent can see a light turn on and it all makes sense again. I am grateful for the gifts this program has given us.”

-Dana A.

“Mr. Zimmerman, my 12 year old son LOVES your math lessons. We just started yesterday. Math is the first thing he wants to accomplish today. Thanks!”

-Mary J.

“Our family has been using TabletClass for three years and plan on finishing up our homeschool math using this program. Our son completed Pre-Algebra through Algebra 2. Now our daughters are starting it. The concepts are taught in easy to understand bits. TabletClass is suited to students with a wide range of math abilities. The format is simple, clear and understandable. TabletClass tutorials make using the program comprehensible for even the most non computer savvy student or mom. Mr. Zimmerman uses an engaging style of teaching, making math less intimidating to non-math students, while gifted students are not bored. The students can set their own pace. The classes are available on a wide range of platforms. The program is very economical for any size family.”


“My daughter successfully passed the placement test at our community college into College Algebra! I give you the credit! Thank you!” -Susan

With our Algebra 1 homeschool curriculum, your child will receive an amazing math education and experience that will help prepare them for their future educational goals!

TabletClass Math Algebra 1 Homeschool Curriculum


This course is designed for those students entering a high school level/college prep math track. Before starting this course students should have finished a Pre-Algebra or equivalent course (8th grade math as an example). Upon completion of the Algebra 1 homeschool curriculum students can continue on to Geometry or Algebra 2 homeschool curriculum.

The first part of the Algebra 1 homeschool curriculum is focused on real numbers, absolute value, equations/formulas, graphing and writing linear equations to including graphing absolute value functions. The next part of the algebra 1 curriculum deals with functions and relations and solving quadratic equations. Linear systems are studied in-depth to include linear programming.

Lastly, the curriculum focuses on polynomial operations and factoring techniques. Powers and exponents are also covered, along with methods to simplify various radical and rational expressions and equations.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Algebra Terms and Concepts

This chapter introduces students to basic terms and concepts used in algebra. Time is taken to ensure the student understands basic number operations, variables and their applications. Additionally, the student gains a fundamental sense of equations, inequalities and their solutions.



  • Number Operations

  • Variables

  • Order of Operations

  • Translating Verbal and Algebraic Phrases

  • Equations/Inequalities/Solutions

Sample Lesson Video – Order of Operations

Click bottom right arrows for full screen viewing.

Chapter 2: Real Numbers and Simplifying Variable Expressions

This chapter focuses on getting the student to master working with the Real Numbers. Students learn the rules of integers and practice through many examples. Also, students will learn to apply the Distributive Property and simplify variable expressions by combining like terms.



  • Real Number System

  • Adding Real Numbers

  • Subtracting Real Numbers

  • Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers

  • Distributive Property

  • Simplifying by Combining Like Terms

“You have a gift of teaching and I for one am very glad you have used your gift to make this math class available to people like me that use to detest math. I am learning so much along with my daughter now. I wish I would have known about this program when I was homeschooling my older son. It would have made it so much better on him too.”

-God bless, Fonda 🙂

“I started homeschooling my son in 5th grade at the age of 11 for several reasons, one being lack of being challenged in math in the public school system. We used a different math program the first year and I found he still needed to be further ahead and needed an instructor to walk him through it instead of reading the directions in a book and me trying to interpret them. Then we found TabletClass! He is enrolled in Pre-Algebra this year at the age of 12 and really loves it. TabletClass gives clear and precise instruction that makes it easy to understand. Practice for the concepts are practical and not excessive “busy work.” Their support is wonderful as well with any questions I’ve sent being quickly responded to. I would highly recommend this program to any homeschool family looking for a great Algebra course!”

-Meggin F. (Homeschool Mom of Bryce, 11 and Jackson, 9)

“I just wanted to say how much I love TabletClass! I just started using it this year and it has been beyond helpful! I went through Algebra 1 & 2 and struggled because of poor explanations of methods and answers. I am now using TabletClass for geometry and everything is explained so well! I hardly ever have trouble with the example sets, but if I do I can just go to the video on the problem and see the answer explained very simply. Thank you so much for creating TabletClass! I have been recommending it to all of my homeschool friends for high school math and will continue to do so. :)”


“Tablet Class has been invaluable. My teacher makes difficult subjects easy to comprehend. Best of all, the course is extremely flexible. I am enrolled in college as well as high school, and Tablet Class is perfect because I can take the opportunity to finish my subjects whenever I have the free time. If it weren’t for this curriculum, I would definitely be overwhelmed, and that would be reflected in my grades.”

-Andrew K.

Chapter 3: Solving Equations

Solving Equations chapter breaks down the steps to solve multi-step linear equations. Students will build up their skills as they progress from one and two-step equations to more advance equations. Core concepts involved will be reviewed to include the Distributive Property and combining like terms.



  • One Step Equations

  • Solving Two Step Equations

  • Solving Multi-Step Equations

  • Formulas and Literal Equations

Sample Example Set Video – Solving Multi-Step Equations

Click bottom right arrows for full screen viewing.

Chapter 4: Graphing Linear Equations

This very important chapter on Graphing Linear Equations walks the student step-by-step to mastering how to graph linear equations. Concepts involving the coordinate plane, slope and methods to graph lines are thoroughly reviewed and introduced. Upon completion of the chapter students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills needed to learn more advance topics involving linear equations.



  • Graphing Lines with One Variable

  • Graphing Lines with Two Variables

  • The Slope of a Line

  • Slope Intercept Method

  • XY Intercept Method

Chapter 5: Writing the Equations of Lines

Writing the Equations of Lines chapter builds on the student’s prior knowledge and skill of linear equations. Various methods to find and write the equation of a line are introduced and practiced. The chapter focuses on the proper way to set-up and use formulas to write linear equations. Additional related topics are explored to include linear models, linear regression and word problems.



  • Using Slope-Intercept Form

  • Using Point-Slope intercept

  • Given the Slope and a Point

  • Given Two Points

  • Standard Form of Linear Equations

  • Best Fitting Lines and Scatter Plots

  • Linear Models/Word Problems

Chapter 6: Inequalities

In this chapter students will apply their equation solving skills to solve linear inequalities. Basic concepts and terms are introduced first, along with how to graph inequalities.



  • Linear Inequalities

  • Compound Inequalities

  • Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables

Quality Math Instruction From a Teacher You Can Trust


Bachelors Degree in Mathematics


Masters degree in Educational Technology


Certified Middle/High School Math teacher


20+ Years Teaching Experience

400K+ YouTube Subscribers

50MM+ Views on YouTube

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“Loving Tablet Class. As a mom, I don’t have to worry if I am teaching algebra correctly which means I can focus on my younger daughter while my son is being taught by John. Hands off for me!”


“We have tried many home school curricula and TabletClass is our favorite one! It doesn’t take a long time to do and my daughter is learning and retaining the information wonderfully! John really loves to teach and is able to break things down to a level that every student can follow. We have recommended TabletClass to all our friends, home schoolers or not. We just love it, it the best thing we could of done for our daughter!”

-Homeschool Parent

“TabletClass has changed my son’s view of Math! We homeschool and use a DVD based curriculum. While we love it, the math is very visual. My son passed Algebra with an A, but couldn’t work problems in real world situations. It never sunk in. Then, I found TabletClass! He completed the Algebra course as a “refresher” over the summer and into the next school year. He was so excited…about Math! He would tell me the instructor really explained things in a way he could understand. It seems he needs both the audio and visual for learning math (and presented in a way I couldn’t teach him). He is currently completing Geometry, and doing well. He even helped his brother with Algebra 2. No more frustration! Thank you, TabletClass!! I definitely recommend Tabletclass to others who struggle. It has made the difference in our home.”

-Denise C.

We used TabletClass Geometry last year due to a special bundle I received from another website. I was hesitant in using another online math course, other than the one we had used before, but liked the price of TabletClass, so decided to try it for Geometry. When it came time to look at an online class for Algebra II, I asked our daughter which online program she preferred and she said that she liked TabletClass the best. It was easier to understand and she liked the way it showed her how to work the problems. I just now ordered Algebra II from TabletClass for her next math course. Thanks for helping homeschoolers excel in math!”


We have jumped around with math curriculum since third grade, trying to find something that teaches my daughter in a way she can understand! This left a lot of gaps and she was really having a difficult time with upper grade math (she is just finishing up 8th grade.) I am not embarrassed to admit we needed help because I couldn’t teach it to her since I had forgotten how to do it! TabletClass Math has been a life changer when it comes to math for us! We have found it so easy to learn and actually enjoyable to understand what we are doing. I say “we” because I am doing it with her! It’s never too late to learn, right?”

-Carrie – founder of

“Tablet class has taught me to understand new ways to solve math. It has also helped me to enjoy doing math, most days! I am very excited to continue in Algebra and Geometry as well.”

-8th Grade Student

“I as a high-school student am quite excited about the opportunity I have in using this program. This is the best software for math I’ve ever used.”


“As a homeschooling Mom of seven children, spanning 25 years, we have used multiple math curriculums. Tabletclass math is hands down, no comparison, the best we have used! I honestly am so thankful for it every day, What a relief to find a program that is thorough, no gaps, detailed steps for all kinds of learners, and it is enjoyable to learn with Mr. Zimmerman! I know because for the first time in my life, I have enjoyed math as I have worked alongside our boys. And, they are able to watch the videos as many times as they want and when they complete a course, Mr. Zimmerman has a final exam complete with study tips, etc so that we know they are proficient. Thank you, thank you, thank you for Tabletclass math!”

-Lisa S.

“TabletClass has really been a great addition to our home school. As a Mom that is “math challenged” this program really takes the pressure off of me to be able to teach my daughter algebra. This program lends itself to independent study which is important as I have 7 children needing my attention during the day. My daughter has been able to go back and review the videos as many times as she needs to get the concept down and this has been another great aspect of TabletClass. John has been so very helpful and just an email away to answer any questions I have. I will be using this with all my children in the future.”

-Alisa S. (mom to 7 blessings in PA)

“My 10th grade daughter has been in your Geometry course this year! It is our first year using your website. I found your website through a search engine. My daughter struggled last year in Algebra 1 in another curriculum and that’s when we knew we wanted to try a different approach since she is a visual learner. I researched it and loved how you gave detailed information for the students to learn the material. My daughter said she loves the explanations of the information along with the worksheets. She loves the reviews and how you explain how the material builds while reviewing a concept needed for that lesson. Her grades in Math have only been successful this year with A’s. Thank you for a great way for kids to learn and actually enjoy Math!”

-Jessica D.

“Hi John, we had a great time using TabletClass reviewing Algebra 1 this Summer prior to Luke starting a Geometry course through Wilson Hill Academy. Thanks again for offering these excellent math courses!”

-Derek S.

Chapter 7: Systems

Understanding systems and the methods to solve them are vital in algebra. This chapter introduces/reviews techniques to solve linear systems. Students will also explore special systems, word problems and systems of linear inequalities. Lastly, the topic of Linear Programming will be introduced. This powerful way to use systems in business and industry will connect the chapter’s concepts to “real world” applications.



  • Solving Systems by Graphing

  • Solving Systems Substitution Method

  • Solving Systems by Elimination/Linear Combination

  • Solving Linear Systems Word Problems

  • Special Linear Systems

  • Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities

  • Linear Programming

Sample Example Set Video – Solving Linear Systems Word Problems

Click bottom right arrows for full screen viewing.

Chapter 8: Absolute Value

Absolute value problems can be challenging for some students to grasp. Time is taken to teach students core concepts and build understanding. Students will learn how to graph absolute value functions and apply the steps to solve absolute value equations/inequalities.



  • Introduction to Absolute Value

  • Graphing Absolute Value Equations

  • Solving Absolute Value Equations

  • Absolute Value Inequalities

Chapter 9: Powers and Exponents

This chapter covers the rules of powers and exponents a student needs to learn in algebra. Also, important applications of these rules are covered to include scientific notation, compound interest and exponential growth and decay.



  • Product and Power Rules of Exponents

  • Negative and Zero Exponents Rules

  • Division Rules of Exponents

  • Scientific Notation

  • Compound Interest

  • Exponential Growth and Decay

Chapter 10: Polynomials and Factoring

The first part of the chapter covers the parts of a polynomial, related terminology and how to perform polynomial operations. A special focus is placed on avoiding common mistakes. The second part of the chapter focuses on the extremely important skill of factoring polynomials. Students will first understand how to factor out a polynomial GCF and build on this to learn many techniques to factor polynomials.



  • Introduction to Polynomials

  • Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

  • Multiplying Polynomials

  • Multiplying Polynomials Special Cases

  • Sum and Difference of Two Cubes

  • Factoring Greatest Common Factor

  • Factoring Quadratic Trinomials

  • Special Factoring Rules

Chapter 11: Introduction to Quadratic Equations

Understanding the properties and methods to solve quadratic equations is essential for the student to advance in algebra. This chapter explains each concept in a very specific and focused manner. After students have been introduced to quadratic equations they build up their knowledge by learning various techniques to solve them. Additionally, they will learn the connection between solutions and graphs of quadratic functions. The chapter ends by covering quadratic inequalities and word problems.


  • Introduction to Quadratic Equations

  • Solving Quadratic Equations by Square Roots

  • Graphing Quadratic Equations

  • The Quadratic Formula

  • Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring

  • The Discriminant – Types of Roots

  • Completing the Square

  • Quadratic Equation Word Problems

  • Graphing Quadratic Inequalities

Sample Example Set Video – Quadratic Formula

Click bottom right arrows for full screen viewing.

Chapter 12: Functions and Relations

Functions and relations transcend all through mathematics. This chapter explains core concepts at the algebra level and prepares the student for more advance study of the topic. Time is taken to explain the difference between a function and relation; and introduce the student to the language of functions to include the domain, range and linear/nonlinear functions. Students will also learn function operations, composite functions and graphing



  • Introduction to Functions and Relations

  • Function Operations

  • Inverse Functions

  • Graphing Functions

  • Linear and Nonlinear Functions

  • Special Functions

  • Composite Functions

Chapter 13: Rational Expressions

This chapter takes the student through fundamental rational expressions to include ratios, proportions, percent and variation. Students will learn different methods to solve rational expression problems. The section on simplifying rational algebraic expressions starts by reviewing basic examples using numbers before introducing variable examples.


  • Ratios and Proportions

  • Percent

  • Direct and Inverse Variation

  • Simplifying Rational Expressions

  • Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

  • Finding the LCD of Rational Expressions

  • Solving Rational Equations

  • Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Chapter 14: Radical Expressions/Equations

This chapter introduces the concept of radical expressions/equations at the Algebra 1 level. Students will first learn the properties of square roots and associated operations to include solving basic radical equations. Next the chapter looks at the application of radicals and how they help solve many problems in algebra. Specifically, the chapter will focus on the Pythagorean Theorem and the Distance and Mid-Point formula.


  • Simplifying Radicals

  • Operations with Radicals

  • Solving Radical Equations

  • The Distance and Mid-Point Formula

  • The Pythagorean Theorem

Sample Lesson Video – Simplifying Radicals

Click bottom right arrows for full screen viewing.

Chapter 15: Data, Measurement and Probability

This chapter is a fundamental overview of how to work with data. Sections in the chapter introduce units of measures, conversion, mean, median, mode and range.  Also, included is a section on graphs and plots such as box-and-whisker plots and frequency tables.  The chapter also provides a section on the basic concepts of probability to include a discussion into the Law of Large Numbers. Lastly, there is a section on counting theory which will take a look at how to count using trees and the Fundamental Principle of Counting.



  • Units of Measure and Conversion

  • Measures of Central Tendency- Mean, Median and Mode

  • Exploring Data- Charts, Tables, Graphs and Plots

  • Introduction To Probability

  • Counting Theory

​TabletClass Math Course Features

All the Tools You Need for a Successful Algebra 1 Homeschool Experience & It’s Affordable!

COMPREHENSIVE Video Instruction
  • Easy to watch and control pacing–perfect for all learning styles
  • ​All problems are fully explained with each specific step demonstrated
  • Much more than a brief overview–average video is over 15 minutes; designed for maximum explanation and mastery
  • ​275+ in-depth instructional videos
  • Word problems and advanced problems covered
  • Full set of worksheets per section topic
  • Worksheets correspond to lesson and practice problems
  • Problems cover basic, advanced and word problems
  • Designed for student practice and mastery of core academic skills
  • Comprehensive summary notes of all concepts covered​ within a chapter–perfect study aid for chapter tests 
  • Quizzes at the end of each chapter 
Parent/Admin RESOURCES

Included in the Parent/Administrator Secure Portal ($25/one time fee):


  • Pacing Guidelines
  • Course Guidebook for record of course work completed
  • Chapter Tests with Detailed Answer Keys (showing all work)
  • Chapter Tests Summary Worksheet
  • Course Guidebook
  • Extra Practice Problems Worksheets with Video Solutions
  • Final Exam Instructions
  • Comprehensive Final Exam
  • Final Exam with Detailed Answer Key
  • Course Grade Calculation Instructions
  • Course Certificate

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The Algebra 1 course is designed for those students entering a high school level/college prep math track. Before starting this course students should have finished a Pre-Algebra or equivalent course (8th grade math as an example). Upon completion of TabletClass Algebra 1 students can take Geometry or Algebra 2 courses.

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The Geometry course is designed for high school students after the completion of Algebra 1. Because a good foundation and understanding of algebra is required for geometry, the course does provide algebra reviews at the end of each chapter. Students can expect to study a wide range of topics in geometry essential for more advance study in mathematics.

Note: the course does teach and challenge students to write geometric proofs as it is a key skill in understanding the importance of logic in mathematics.

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The Algebra 2 course is designed as a high school second or third year college prep math course. A strong foundation in concepts and skills of Algebra 1 is required. This course begins with a review of algebra topics students will have mastered in Algebra 1. Then introduces quadratic equations, complex numbers, linear systems, matrices/determinants, and covers more advanced level topics.

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This course is designed for the middle school student preparing to enter a high school level algebra course. Students taking this course should have strong skills in arithmetic to include fraction operations.

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Algebra 1
This course is designed for those students entering a high school level/college prep math track. Before starting this course students should have finished a Pre-Algebra or equivalent course (8th grade math as an example). Upon completion of TabletClass Algebra 1 students can take Geometry or Algebra 2 courses.

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This course is designed for high school students after the completion of Algebra 1. Because a good foundation and understanding of algebra is required for geometry, the course does provide algebra reviews at the end of each chapter. Students can expect to study a wide range of topics in geometry essential for more advance study in mathematics.

Note: the course does teach and challenge students to write geometric proofs as it is a key skill in understanding the importance of logic in mathematics.

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Algebra 2

This course is designed as a high school second or third year college prep math course. A strong foundation in concepts and skills of Algebra 1 is required.

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The Pre-Calculus course is designed as a high school third year or fourth year college prep math curriculum. The goal of the course is to prepare students for college level mathematics, especially Calculus.

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More testimonials from Homeschool Families

“I just wanted to share our praises for your website. We are the "College By Twelve" family and fits in with our accelerated/child-led method of getting our kids into college by the age of twelve. My 10 year old has finished Algebra 1 and is waiting for the Algebra 2 course to start. On-line learning is the best way to teach kids who are self-motivated. We have had GREAT results in helping our 9 kids excel in Mathematics and TabletClass is exactly what we needed to make my workload as a mom easier. Blessings!”

-Mona Lisa Harding (author of The Brainy Bunch -

“TabletClass saved my daughter's Algebra grade. She was enrolled in an online Algebra class through Keystone, and the class was really a struggle for her. It was organized very poorly in my opinion, in the order of subjects addressed. When she got stuck and emailed her teacher, she got a two word answer "page 367" as "help." She is not a strong math student anyway, and it was becoming a $400 nightmare. Enter TabletClass, and suddenly- she was learning! By matching up your video topics to her quizzes and tests, she was able to complete the Algebra class and actually understand. She has been working through your excellent pre Algebra to review and fill in holes, and we plan to use TabletClass for Algebra 2 and skip the expensive, dry textbook, math from here on out. Thank you so very much for making a product for home schooled kids that WORKS. Clear explanations, lots of review, and a reasonable price. One of the best home school purchases we ever made! ”

-Cami (Virginia, US, home school parent)

“I'd like to thank you, John Zimmerman, for creating TabletClass. Doing math used to be the most stressful part of our homeschooling day. Now that our son is using TabletClass, instead of a "battle of the wills," there is peace. You are so much better than I am at explaining the math concepts to our son, Travis. Sometimes I hear Travis conversing even laughing while he watches your videos. He is definitely engaged! The tests are most helpful to keep me informed of his progress. Thanks again for creating TabletClass!” -Sandee, SC

“We are loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son was using Math U See and was having a problem. He likes how you break everything out!”


“Well, I have to admit that I tried TabletClass out of desperation. I had spent so much time and money on other programs, none of which were good fits for my son. When I saw TabletClass on, I figured I didn't have anything to lose. Let me say that TabletClass was a Godsend! My 7th grade son loved the PreAlgebra course! He completed the course and for 8th grade was accepted into an accelerated math class at a university in our area. TabletClass helped him prepare for that. I'm so glad I found this product.... This year, it's my daughter's turn at TabletClass!”


“As a Homeschooling mom I have the pleasure of choosing curriculum that fits my child's learning style. When Saxon math wasn't "clicking" for my daughter I saw posted on our homeschool loop and gave it a try. It was a perfect fit, my daughter has flourished using! After one week using she said "oh mom this is great I LOVE it!!" Her comprehension in Algebra 2 has been excellent. Having access to our on line teacher Mr. Zimmerman is a big plus, you never get "stuck" because he is willing to help guide the student through any "hiccups" in the learning process. Now that she is in High School I am using the college SAT as her testing and I can't wait to see how much her score goes up in math! We are so glad we added to our curriculum!”

-V. Sherman, Clearwater FL

“Even though we've just started using TabletClass, my son and I are finding it very informative, organized and easy to use. We like the videos as they explain things well and don't overload you with too much information at once. You also have a nice easy going manner that's somehow seems to take any stress away. Not to mention, that if you need any help it's just an email away. Thank you so much for creating this amazing curriculum for homeschoolers!”

-Lisa K.

“Last year was our family’s first year to use your as our homeschool math curriculum. My three kids were so pleased. One even said, “I love math!” for the first time in her life. My youngest was doing so well that he actually did both PreAlgebra and Algebra in one year! So this year I have two needing Geometry and one needing Algebra II. Thanks for your help on this!”

-Sherone S.

“Just a note to let you know Kaleb is loving this online course. I was unsure of where to go for him for his first year in high school, (we home school) and a friend sent me a link to your site. We started him on a trial for Algebra 1 and he's thrilled with it! He's our math whiz and is a year ahead. Thank you for this, we look forward to the upcoming school year with TabletClass. Thank you!”

-Angela and Kaleb D.

“Hi, I just want to comment on how much my daughter enjoys this math site and how much it is helping her. She is 13 and homeschooled, this program is a Godsent. John explains the lessons in a very simple, straightforward manner. We recommend this math program to others looking for a new math program. Thanks.”

-Teresa J., NM

“Just thought I would drop a line and let you know what we think. My son just loves your class online. He is advanced in math and does well across the board with most math curricula. He was doing Bob Jones Math for homeschool. He loved it but seemed to be wanting something different. We received an email from our homeschool group telling us about your site. He has loved doing your math class. The information is well presented and he follows along with ease. We both think this will be his math for the rest of his school years. Algebra here we come!!!!”

-Tanya R. and Steven B., VA

“TabletClass Math was perfect for my daughter! We tried every math curriculum out there and even hired a private math teacher. But the frustration and tears continued. We signed on for TabletClass Math and re-did Algebra I (for the third time!) and then proceeded on to Geometry and Algebra II. No more frustration. She really enjoyed it! It is presented well and the amount of work to master the material is not so overwhelming that it’s discouraging and overkill. I’m happy to say my “math-phobic” daughter placed into college level pre-calculus this year and is now at the community college in the dual enrollment program. Both she and I are very thankful for TabletClass Math! Oh, and John is terrific to work with! He’s very accommodating to your needs and questions!”

-Susan M.

“We are enjoying TabletClass as a means for our homeschooling Alg. 1 class. I say we because, I'm also relearning algebra for myself along with my son. I have always loved math and this is great. I have even referred it to friends of mine that were going to spend $250.00 per month on taking their child to Sylvan Learning Center. I encouraged them to give you a try first, and their child went from almost failing, to an A on their report card. They have only been using Tablet Class for a little over a month. They love it and so does their son. I only wish that I would have had a program like this for my daughter that just graduated high school this past may. She really struggled and I think this would have really been great for her.
Thank you so very much for providing a wonderful program.”

-Devonda C., TN

“My ds is liking TabletClass Algebra. We started it as a supplement to Harold Jacobs Algebra, but now it's pretty much the other way around. The instructor goes thru how to do problems on a white board. Very clear explanations, the guy has a nice voice to listen to. You can download lessons onto iPod, etc, too, to watch away from the computer. You could try it as a supplement for a month, and see how he likes it.”

-Julie Knapp (The Homeschool Diner "a full menu of homeschool resources"

“I just want to say I love your math course!! It sure has helped us a lot with homeschool. Since I was having a hard time teaching math to my girls this has been the best solution. Now me and my girls sit down and learn pre algebra together every morning. Lol…”


“Thanks so much 🙂 I just want to tell you my daughter LOVES this program!!”


“My oldest daughter LOVED your course for Geometry and I’m hoping my youngest will love you equally well!”

-Blessings, Tracie E.

“Hi John, we are using algebra 1 now (love it) and planning to buy geometry for next fall.”


“We have been using TabletClass Math for a few months for my algebra student and for pre algebra for 2 months. Both my students said that the math is well explained, that it covers everything, and it is not made too complicated, yet challenging. What I, as a mom appreciate the most is, that when we have to contact John about something, that the same day he replies by e-mail and/or phone call and goes above and beyond in helping us.”


“Thank you John! We are looking forward to using TabletClass. My son enjoyed the demo and is excited about the course. I already shared on Facebook and told some local homeschooling friends about it as well. :)”


“We will be signing up our kids for your classes. Thanks for providing a way to have math instruction at home. I have taught them about all I am capable of teaching them. It is an answer to months of prayers and study to find the right program. Thanks!”

-Carie V.

“Hi John, your program fits our needs perfectly and we (My husband and I) couldn’t be happier with your product. Thanks so much.”

-Carole Z.

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